Experience Khalil

2004 marks the debut full-length album release from Temba's favorite sons Khalil. Tshepo, B-king, Kay & J of k are the soulful quartet that are bound to set South Africa alight, with their harmonious rhythms, intelligently naughty lyric's and some of the tightest production work to come out of any South African studio! Khalil have collaborated with studio producer Ziggy to put out what is bound to be a massively successful 17 track album, featured guest artist's include, Aluta from the Pitch Black Afro album, Ill Scientist and Capsolys who had massive success with his debut single "How are things". Aside from working with some of South Africa's hottest talent they also teamed up with British hit songwriter Adrian Zagoritis, who is part of the exciting Pigfactory production team which has produced for Britney Spears, Anastasia, Celine Dion, and Usher among many others.

In May 2004 Khalil's first single recorded at the their new record label, The David Gresham Record Company, was released as the lead single for the massively successful Big Black Presents Love Stories Book1 album. Khalil previously released the "Khalil" EP which featured the smash hit "Mama Said" and took the local R&B scene by storm.

"Experience Khalil" is the title of the new album and shows the groups growth and maturity as songwriters and performers. 17 new songs and two main goals, to entertain and to provoke all types of emotions.

The Story so far….

Born and raised in Temba, Pretoria, all four members are from music loving families and grew up in the church. Jackie, Tshepo and Bobson were raised by single moms and by their grandmothers. Kay is the only one from a nuclear family.

  • The actual group "KHALIL" was formed in 1995.
  • Tshepo aka Lyric came up with the name, which is Arabic meaning "a
  • Bobson, who is the founder member, together with Tshepo, formed the
  • A unique aspect about the group is that each member has their own vibe,
    vocal style, etc, which when put together has resulted in their own unique sound.
  • Since forming - they have always performed together since, honing their harmonizing and song writing skills in the process.
  • The guys are very passionate about their music and always rehearse
    when they get together.
  • "What makes our live performances interesting to watch is that our
    different personalities are reflected on stage. It's like every person in the
    audience finds a character with whom they identify," says Jackie.
  • The guys are very religious and always say a prayer before a live
    performance or a studio session, "We always invite THE LORD to be part
    of whatever we do. We are not 'model' young men, but we always do our
    best to do the right thing", says Jackie whose other older brother is a
  • Way back when they were kids, they used to get such "stage-fright", they could not sing properly. Bobson could not even face the
    audience …he looked the other way! The group was fortunate to have had supportive friends who always encouraged them to do better. One of
    those special people was their #1 fan, friend, sister, and confidante: Tumi
    Segoa, who passed away before the group's dreams were realized.
    Through those innumerable live performances in their native TEMBA,
    PRETORIA, the group managed to improve their confidence on stage.

    KHALIL'S first big break!
    Their professional careers started when they were discovered by Carl Eaton, who is now the owner of Intyme Inc (Management company for Mandoza, Enny Smith etc.) It was their first attempt at trying to get a record deal. That was in 1995 - six months after the group KHALIL was formed. And things started moving forward from then on!

KHALIL highlights:

Khalil has won a number of talent competitions in and around the Pretoria area.


  • Khalil released their debut EP which spawned hit singles such as "Feel the Vibe" Ft Loyiso, which was on Metro FM's Local top 20 for more than 12 weeks.
  • The beautiful harmonious ballad "Mama Said" jumped in as the Chart Breaker Of the Week - a week before the albums release - and then stayed on for six consecutive weeks on YFM.
  • Mama Said" also slotted in at position # 25 on YFM's top 100 singles for the year.
  • Khalil performed at the Children Day Charity concert before the State President's speech.


  • Khalil were nominated for two Metro FM awards for Best Duo/Group & Best R&B.
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine Featured two KHALIL Members in a sexiest musicians article.
  • Khalil got centre poster and an article in Drum magazine and featured on Y-Magazine's R&B article - the list goes on and on.
  • Khalil also endorsed Robot Clothing and then later Soviet Jeans.


  • Performed at Metro FM Valentines Dinner with their label mate Loyiso.
  • Khalil have shared the stage with International Jazz and R&B Superstars such as Kenny Lattimore, Chante' Moore, Erykah Badu, George Duke.

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